Our Vision

A Unique Sampling Experience at the Car Wash

CCA has partnered with Soapy Brushy (a car wash consultancy with over 15 years of industry experience) to create a mutually beneficial arrangement between car wash operators and brands. Our vision is to bring brands and customers together through a new channel (car washes). Together we transform traditional sampling into a memorable brand trial. Our skilled teams continue to make our vision of a unique, innovative sampling experience, a reality for participating partners.


Our Mission

Advancing Car Wash Experience and Increase Brand Recall

We boost brand exposure and create a memorable sampling experience. Using the latest technology and innovative strategies, our brand trial programs result in thousands of valuable leads and increased brand recall. Our mission is to support and advance car wash owners and brands while adding value and excitement to the customer experience.


Our Process

A Modern Take on Sampling

We specialize in coordinated brand trial programs that offer a fresh twist on traditional sampling. We bring the product directly to the car wash, enhancing the customer experience and collecting valuable leads for brands and car wash operators. Hundreds of CCA network car washes produce potentially thousands of relevant leads for brand and car wash marketing efforts.

The process is simple:

Customer receives a sample product and instructions for entering a contest

Customer visits a microsite and enters their data for the contest

Car wash operators and brands receive lead collection data and an access fee payment

Household decision makers get to enjoy a free sample and enter a contest while brands and car wash operators collect thousands of valuable leads.

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