Put Your Product in Customer's Hands


Access to over 2m+ Car Wash Customers every month

Boost Your Brand With Hyper-Targeted Brand Trials

Our coordinated car brand trial program gives brands a hyper-targeted trial and the opportunity to collect thousands of unique leads. If you are a product manufacturer, this program can give your brand significant exposure. Through CCA’s (Canadian Carwash Association) network of 200+ Canadian car wash operators, we put products in the hands of household decision-makers in a unique and memorable way.

Benefitting Brands

2m+ customers monthly

Access 200+ car washes with over 2m customers monthly where 80% are the principal household shoppers and decision-makers.

Data Collection

Access valuable customer data to use in your marketing strategies.

Hyper Targeted Trial

80% of car wash users are the principal household shopper and decision maker.

Who Uses These Car Washes



are between the ages of 25-55



are the principal decision maker and shopper



have an HHI of at least $100k



are female


Just a Few Easy Steps to Get Started

Contact us so we can get to know you and your products


Register with our database of 1000s of brands

Pay a fee to access the CCA car wash network


Tell us your sampling location and prooduct

Campaign Types

A Custom Campaign That Suits Your Brand
TYPE A: Basic

Keep things simple. This straightforward, no-fuss campaign gets your brand in front of the customer the easy way:

TYPE B: Gamified

Get all the benefits of a basic campaign through a gamified approach. Engage customers in a fun way and offer special discounts for future purchases.

TYPE C: Customized

Take control of your campaign with customization that allows you to showcase multiple products, collect more data, and provide additional information about your brand.

About Us

Exciting Innovations in the Car Wash Industry

CCA has partnered with Soapy Brushy to benefit car wash owners across Canada. Together we transform traditional sampling into a brand trial program. Through a direct and personal trial experience enhanced by our team’s expertise, customers get to enjoy a positive, memorable experience. By combining our industry knowledge with the latest technology, we create a truly unique opportunity for brands, operators, and customers alike.



Soapy Brushy is a car wash consultancy with over 15 years of industry knowledge. They specialize in innovative solutions that help car wash operators meet their business goals. CCA Customer Connect has partnered with Soapy Brushy to leverage their many years of car wash expertise to execute successful sampling programs.