Connecting Brands and Car Washes for a Unique Customer Experience

#1 Car Wash Sampling Service in Canada

CCA Customer Connect specializes in car wash sampling programs, also known as Brand Trial Programs. Like grocery store sampling, Brand Trial Programs put products in the hands of valuable target customers while generously compensating car wash operators.


Enhancing the Car Wash Experience

Collect generous compensation, access valuable customer data, and enjoy the reputational boost of being associated with trusted brands. After you sign up, we will contact you with more details and execute the Brand Trial Program for you from start to finish.


A Captive Audience for Your Brand

Brands (product manufacturers) can access thousands of customers across hundreds of hand-picked locations through a hyper-targeted trial.


What is a Brand Trial Program?
A Brand Trial Program is a fresh modern take on traditional sampling program. CCA Customer Connect brings brands and carwashes together to create a unique sampling experience for car wash customers.
Who is a brand?
A brand is a product manufactured by a specific company under its name. Examples include Snacks, Soft Drinks, Household items, Beauty products, Pet products, and more.
Who uses these car washes?
With more than 5+ customers per month, 80% of participants are the household decision-maker, 64% are between 25-55, and 58% are female.
How do car wash operators benefit?
Car wash operators are generously compensated for providing access to their car wash. They also receive valuable customer data to use for their own marketing strategies. Lastly, car wash operators can enjoy the reputational boost of being associated with major brands.
How do brands benefit?
By participating in car wash sampling programs, brands have access to thousands of captive audience leads across hundreds of partnering car wash facilities.
Does sampling slow down the car wash experience?
Our Brand Trial Program introduces brands with enthusiasm and care without hindering or disrupting the car wash experience. Our highly trained team connects quickly and efficiently for a seamless, tech-enhanced interaction.
Does car wash operators have to do the sampling program themselves?
No. Our team will get in touch with the operators after they have signed up to the program. Operators will get the chance to choose whether they want to participate in a specific Brand Trial Program. If they choose to do so, our expert team will plan and execute the program for them from start to finish.


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