For Operators

Let's grow your Car Wash Operation

You can grow your client base by collecting single-wash customers’ contact information and connecting with them to encourage more frequent visits to your car wash operation.

Operator Eligibility

Requirements for the CCA Customer Connect Program:

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Everyone wins

The CCA Customer Connect Program brings together car wash operators and well-known brands to distribute free samples of new products to car wash consumers.

Car Wash Operators receive generous financial compensation and gain vital client data.(up to $500 for each event)

Collect relevant data

Alongside the product sample, car wash clients will be presented with an opportunity to enter a free contest (varies with each Brand  | ex. Trip to Fiji) with a substantially valuable prize in exchange for their consumer information.

This marketing data is shared between the Brand and the Car Wash Operator who can now use email marketing to nurture any single-wash clients into coming back more regularly or converting them into monthly membership subscribers.

Brand Association

Your car wash gains a repetitional boost by associating with well-known companies. 

Customers are delighted to receive an unexpected complimentary product while washing their vehicles.

Let's get started

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